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As you aware that since September 2014 all Australian major Banks are closing accounts of all Money Services Business (MSB) without giving the reasons.

You may noticed that Sydney Forex Bank Account details are frequently changing, therefore, we removed our account detail from our web page and would like you to check your email after submitting your remittance request, for our updated account details.

We appreciate your continued support and assure you our best service, like always.

Thanks for your understanding and business with us.

Please Note:

We do not accept payment via cash or cheque (accept only Internet Transfer). If a payment is made to us via a cash or cheque deposit, we are required to return the funds to the bank account from which they originally came. You will be asked to provide supporting documents in these instances and will still need to initiate a separate payment to us to settle any booked deals. This can cause lengthy delays with your payment/s.